Human sexuality is an endless source of self-knowledge through which we tap into our hidden parts of self. In most people, it is suppressed and hidden due to rigid cultural and religious belief systems as well as personal beliefs. Learning about ourselves through our sexual expressions can help us obtain wisdom and knowledge about who we are. Most non-sexual issues stem from unhealthy self-perceptions, specifically from denying our own sexuality and freedom to express ourselves sexually. Once we explore our sexuality and sensuality, we’re able to fully realize ourselves.

Have you ever had any of the following experiences?

  • Feeling stagnant and unexpressed sexually.
  • Prolonged periods where you didn’t feel desirous and/or desired.
  • Current romantic relationships not going the way you had hoped.
  • Feeling anxious while approaching your subject of desire.
  • Being worried about your performance; every sexual encounter is an ongoing battle for you.
  • Not being satisfied with your orgasmic ability.
  • Struggles with sexual dysfunction.
  • Feeling that you and your partner are not sexually compatible and/or there is a lack of sexual desire between you two.
  • Being unclear about your sexuality or lifestyle choices, and desiring to explore the possibilities of tailoring your life to fulfill your dreams.
  • Feeling that your current values and beliefs about your sexuality are not letting you be who you truly are.



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