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Uncovering The Truth About Judgement-Free Therapy

Uncovering The Truth About Judgement-Free Therapy

Diana Urman, PhD


Can a therapist really be judgement-free?

For those who are considering going to a sex therapist, there are many important qualities to consider in a therapist. An unbiased point of view and non-judgmental approach are vital.

The truth of the matter is that completely judgement-free therapists don’t exist because none of us are truly judgement-free. All of us have personal beliefs, values, and ethics, which make us judgmental. These personal beliefs can make it difficult for people, including therapists, to see a different point of view. The real trick in finding a therapist is not to look for someone judgement free, but to focus on finding someone who is not judgement-laden, and is able to put their judgement aside to really listen.

Finding a therapist who is aware of their own biases and has the ability and willingness to recognize them is as important as compassion and empathy. A therapist who recognizes their personal obstacles and is capable of carefully separating their own values and beliefs from their clients’ is the professional you are searching for. If a therapist’s personal beliefs are not affecting their ability to listen to their clients, then you have found a true therapist, a professional whose role in your life will be instrumental to positive, life-long change.

In addition to being a sex therapist, I am a certified clinical sexologist and hold a PhD in human sexuality. As an experienced therapist, I have worked to restructure my attitudes and biases; I am aware of the beliefs, values, and ethics I still hold. This awareness allows me to be as judgement free as possible.

While listening to a client, I am continually seeing their point of view while remaining in touch with my personal ethics and values. At the same time, I make sure I am acting on behalf of my clients, not myself.

If you’re experiencing difficulties in your relationship or have concerns that affect your sex life, please contact me and let me know how I can be useful. Find me on my website, Diana’s Therapy, my Facebook page, Diana Urman Sex And Relationship Therapy,  and my Yelp listing, Diana Urman Therapy.

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